• Building AMIs: Packer and Image Builder⚙️📦

    Cloud environments call for dynamic and flexible computing, meaning that fleets of virtual machines can be scaled up and down depending on the load. These machines need a consistent, repeatable and standardized way of setting the startup images and its configuration for the applications that run on them. Pre-built virtual... [Read More]
  • Helm: Making Kubernetes even better☸️📦

    In a previous post, we discussed how to deploy a simple application in Kubernetes, and yet being ‘simple’ we could notice how many different pieces were needed to make a deployment run successfully. Every one of these single pieces can be placed on a separate configuration file to make it... [Read More]
  • Understanding k8s Deployments☸️💡

    If you have already deployed complex applications in Kubernetes, you may have noticed how many different resources you need to deploy and interconnect just to make them work (and thus, this post is going to be just too easy for you). If you’re new to Kubernetes, this post will help... [Read More]
  • Kubernetes: Why, When and How.

    Kubernetes, is undoubtedly one the most disruptive tools/technologies that we have seen during the last years within the IT world. Alongside containers and the underlying runtimes, it is redefining the way in which software is built, tested and deployed into production. Although it is more complex to set up and... [Read More]